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Our Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with our delicious range of gourmet recipes!

Fairy-Bread Balls

What you need:

  • 1 Confier Vanilla Ice Cream Protein Ball Mix

  •  Rainbow Sprinkles

  • Vanilla Icing



  1. Combine your Confier Mix with 60ml water and roll into desired sized balls. set in fridge too cool.

  2. Coat the Protein Ball with icing then transfer to a bowl of sprinkles and cover the ball.

  3. Repeat and Enjoy!


Strawberry Sundae

Protein Bars

What you need:

  • 1 Confier Strawberry Sundae Protein Ball Mix

  • 60ml water

  • White chocolate Melts

  • Choc Chips

  • Baking Paper


  1. Combine your Confier Strawberry Sundae Mix with 60 ml of water.

  2. Place combined mix between 2 sheets of baking paper and use rolling pin to roll out to desired thickness.

  3. Place in fridge too cool 30 min.

  4. Remove top baking paper sheet and cut into bar shape.

  5. Melt white chocolate and drizzle over using spoon.

  6. Sprinkle Choc Chips to finish. Enjoy!

Healthy Ferrero Rocher


What you need:

  • 1 Confier GF Chocolate Protein Ball Mix

  • 60ml water

  • Nutella

  • Crushed nuts (we used peanuts)

  • Baking paper


  1. Place baking paper sheet on tray and create little blob of nutella using spoon. Freeze overnight.

  2. Next day, combine your Confier mix with 60ml water.

  3. Create a Pattie shape using combined Confier mix and place frozen Nutella blob in centre.

  4. Smoosh Confier Mix around the Nutella blob so it is fully covered.

  5. Crush nuts and place in seperate bowl.

  6. Place 2 TBS Nutella into bowl and microwave until very runny.

  7. Place the nutella filled Bliss Ball into runny nutella and then into crushed nuts.

  8. Repeat and Enjoy!


Oreo Stuffed Cookies & Cream

Bliss Balls!

What you need:

  • 1 Confier Cookies & Cream Protein Ball mix

  • Nutella 

  • 1 Packet Double Stuffed Oreos

  • 2 Bowls


  1. Create your Confier Cookies & Cream Mix as normal. Set in fridge.

  2. Seperate your Oreos into bowl of Oreo filling and Oreo biscuit. Set filling in fridge.

  3. Smash the Oreo biscuit into small chunks or blend to get a fine powder as we did.

  4. Roll the Oreo filling into small blobs and set aside.

  5. Place a large tablespoon of Nutella into bowl and warm up until runny.

  6. Create a patty shape with you Confier cookies & Cream Bliss Mix. Place a Oreo filling blob in the centre and roll the Bliss Ball mix around the blob.

  7. Place the Bliss Ball into the runny Nutella and cover fully before placing into the bowl of crushed Oreo biscuit.

  8. Cover the Bliss Ball with the Oreo Biscuit and set aside. Repeat and Enjoy!

Gingerbread Christmas Trees

What you need:

  • 1 Confier Gingerbread Bliss Ball Mix

  • White Chocolate Melts

  • Green Food Colouring

  • Sprinkles of choice


  1. Create your Confier Gingerbread Protein Ball Mix as normal.

  2. Place the combined mix in between two sheets of baking paper and roll to desired thickness. Place of baking tray and set in fridge for 1 Hour.

  3. After cooling time get your favourite Christmas cookie cutter and starting cutting your flattened mix and place on tray for decoration.

  4. In a mug add white chocolate melts and warm up until runny.

  5. Add green food colouring, but be careful not to add too much this will ruin your runny white chocolate!

  6. Pour runny chocolate into piping bag/ziplock bag and cut corner.

  7. Create swirls on your gingerbread cookies!

  8. Ser in fridge to cool and Enjoy!

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