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Our Story

Hey there!


My name is Chloe, I'm 19 and founder of Confier. I started my small business in 2020 as a senior in high school. With the dream to create the perfect Bliss Ball Mix that was not only delicious but incredibly convenient. Which is why my range is JUST ADD WATER! I was offered the opportunity to have support and guidance to kick start my own business by the incredible Karyn and Mark Mills from StoryBookCakes.  So why Protein Ball Mixes? Well, I noticed that myself and friends couldn't find a product that provided a delicious taste, whole ingredients and affordability. So I decided to create my own and share with the world! Confier was released on the 10.07.2020. Ever since my aim has been to create products that provide a healthy, delicious taste with ultimate convenience. A combination that leaves everybody wanting more.




I got my order today and I tried the chocolate one as my first one to try and oh my goodness, it was gooey and warm and comforting and I don’t feel guilty. There’s none of that proteiny after taste that you get with higher protein alternatives of foods. Absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavours I’ve got.


"Omg, the Brownie in a Mug range is insane . Bought every flavour to put in the caravan as a night time holiday treat. After sampling a couple today , they're not going to last . Absolutely delicious . Will definitely be ordering more .

Delivery is super fast and they're packaged beautifully. Well done"


The chocolate brownie in a mug was sooo delicious! Reminded me of the choc self saucing puddings we used to have as kids. So easy to make and a great healthier choice for my sweet craving. Perfect amount too! Well done Confier!!

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