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Death By Chocolate 3pk - gluten free

Death By Chocolate 3pk - gluten free

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate lover's dream with our Death By Chocolate 3 pk + save $$$!

This decadent trio includes x1 rich, gooey Brownie in a Mug for a quick and satisfying treat. Enjoy fluffy Double chocolate chip pancakes bursting with chocolatey goodness. And for a guilt-free option, whip up some delicious Bliss Ball Mix for a sweet and nutritious snack.

- x1 Brownie in a Mug 50g

- x1 Double Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix 225g

- x1 Bliss Ball Mix 240g

Satisfy your cravings with this heavenly combination of chocolate delights.

    AU$33.70 Regular Price
    AU$32.70Sale Price
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