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Best Sellers Bag - perfect for newbies

Best Sellers Bag - perfect for newbies

Don't know what delicious Confier mixes to start with? We've got you covered!


Enjoy our best sellers from each of our ranges and save! All products are Gluten Free.


Includes x1 Maple Pancakes Bliss Ball Mix 240g, x1 Double Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, x1 Chocolate Brownie in a Mug, x1 Vanilla Ice Cream MINI Bliss Ball Mix.


Bliss Ball Mixes allegens: contains tree nuts(almonds), Dairy(whey powder.)

Brownie in a Mug allergens: contains Dairy(whey powder), Soy.

    AU$40.90 Regular Price
    AU$35.90Sale Price
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